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Constructed From An Aqp Elastomer Inner Tube, With Partial Stainless Steel Wire Inner Braid And A Full Stainless Steel Outer Braid Reinforcement, It Is Easy To See Why Aqp Racing Hose Is Aeroquip Performance Product's Most Popular Racing Hose. It Is Compatible With Petroleum And Synthetic Lubricants, Hydrocarbon Fuels, And Liquid Engine Coolants. It Operates At Higher Temperatures For Longer Periods, And Is Rated At -45 To +300 Degrees Fahrenheit Light And Flexible, It Is Easy To Work With, And Its Stainless Steel Cover Will Ensure Long-Lasting Durability. The Elastomer Inner Tube Is Resistant To Oxidation, The Effects Of Ozone, And Other Various Agents Present In The Air. Changes In Physical Properties Due To Shelf Aging Are Nonexistent. Please Note: Eaton Aeroquip Fitting Tolerances Are Engineered To Match Eaton Aeroquip Hose Tolerances. The Use Of Aeroquip Fittings On Hose Supplied By Other Manufacturers And/Or The Use Of Eaton Aeroquip Hose With Fittings Supplied By Other Manufacturers May Result In The Production Of Unreliable And Unsafe Hose Assemblies And Is Neither Recommended Or Authorized By Eaton.