#10 60Deg Elbow Hose End 678146009067

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When You Are Assembling Your Performance Plumbing Project With Aeroquip Aqp Stainless Steel Racing Hose Or Startlite Racing Hose, Don't Forget The Reusable Aluminum Fittings To Complete The Job. For Connections That Are Not Straight On, A Bend In The Adapter Can Make The Entire Assembly Neater-Looking And Easier To Inspect And Maintain, Giving You The Angle You Need Without All The Extra Hose That Would Otherwise Be Needed To Maintain The Proper Minimum Bend Radius. This Adapter Is Manufactured From Aluminum, Giving It The Necessary Strength Without Unnecessary Weight, And Has A Red And Blue Anodized Finish For Corrosion Resistance And An Eye-Appealing Look. It Is Easier To Install And More User Friendly Than Cutter Style Fittings, And Is Designed To Be Re-Used. A Nipple Pilot Prevents Damage To The Inner Tube, And The One-Piece Design Allows For Improved Flow And Eliminates Two Potential Leak Points (Brazed Joints). Please Note: Eaton Aeroquip Fitting Tolerances Are Engineered To Match Eaton Aeroquip Hose Tolerances. The Use Of Aeroquip Fittings On Hose Supplied By Other Manufacturers And/Or The Use Of Eaton Aeroquip Hose With Fittings Supplied By Other Manufacturers May Result In The Production Of Unreliable And Unsafe Hose Assemblies And Is Neither Recommended Or Authorized By Eaton.